Avoid Change ‘Pain’

“The current business climate automatically creates change – mergers, reorganizations, re-engineering, innovation. Change will occur! A transition is an individual’s internal adjustment and acceptance of change. An organization that leads change projects while treating the need to promote positive transitions in individuals as a priority will be successful.”

–Jim Canterucci
Founder of Transition Management Advisors


For your organization to succeed you must lead change well. It’s also safe to say that leaders vying for the top jobs must demonstrate that they have led change successfully.

On time and on budget are no longer the measures of change success.

Even well-lead change can be painful. Our goal is that this pain is temporary and leads to growth. The change pain we want to avoid is the kind that damages trust, destroys engagement, puts the brakes on innovation and may even cost the organization millions.

How we can help

While we teach change leadership, we also practice, taking on a select few change initiatives that are difficult and outside the norm. In these projects, we act as executive advisor while also integrating our Change Project Management – The Next Step system into your methodology. We model how to use it for the current change project, as well as for all future projects.

These change projects have an impact on markets, customers, structure and strategy.

Some recent examples of our organizational change leadership projects:

  • Changing the behavior of a hospital system’s physicians as new technology is introduced
  • Creation of a new organizational structure for a manufacturing service organization
  • Changing the relationship between IT and the business
  • Introduction of a healthcare patient portal requiring behavior change for professionals, staff and patients
  • Implementation of an ERP system in multiple Latin American countries

We provide executive advisory services, change leadership modeling, implementation of our Change Project Management – The Next Step system and learning tools for the change leader.

Our change work is very customized so contact us for a discussion about your particular situation.

Constituent Hub

Constituent Hub enterprise software enables organizational change leadership that increases adoption and strategy realization so you can remain competitive.

Constituent Hub

Change Project Management – The Next Step

SystemChange Project Management – The Next Step, The System for Change Leaders is a comprehensive system for leading change. It includes all the tools, forms and planning assessments needed to successfully lead change.

Change Leadership Focus

Change CircleThis professional development program, offered exclusively by Transition Management Advisors, is based on the the concept of process training. Process training is refocusing over and over at a progressively deeper level of heightened understanding and proficiency on a critical competency until you become masterful. Eight to ten change leaders participate in six full-day, facilitated sessions over 12 weeks. These sessions focus on the practical tools and approaches needed to lead change effectively. Participants are coached through situations in which their newfound knowledge and behavior, tested in their real-world change leadership situations, are analyzed and adjusted.

The proper mix of concept, mindset and procedural how-to content facilitates the integration of proper change leadership techniques into your project methodology.

Change Leadership Web Series

Web SeriesThis 7-part web series with Jim Canterucci brings the content of Change Project Management – The Next Step to project managers in a convenient and practical way. The focus is on application of the learning immediately and analysis of approaches used in the field.
The following sessions are included in the curriculum:

  • The Skill Sets of a Change Leader
  • Constituent Analysis
  • The Change Planning/Monitoring Workshop
  • Building the Foundation for Change
  • Communication Messaging
  • Change Breakthrough Analysis
  • Change Readiness

Our change work is very customized so contact us for a discussion about your particular situation.


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