Change Leadership Web Series 2015

HeaderChange Leadership Web Series 2015


This 7-part web series with Jim Canterucci brings the content of the book Change Project Management – The Next Step to you in a convenient and practical way. You’re busy. A weekly lunch time meeting is a great way to add these techniques to your repertoire with targeted live-guided web meeting sessions with peers. This allows practice and analysis of results as you go.

The focus is on application of the learning immediately and analysis of approaches used in the field.

The program curriculum includes the following topics (session descriptions below):

• The Skill Sets of a Change Leader
• Constituent Analysis
• The Change Planning/Monitoring Workshop
• Building The Foundation for Change
• Communication Messaging
• Change Breakthrough Analysis
• Change Readiness

Details At a Glance

• 7 weekly one-hour web meetings using GoToMeeting
• Private access to lesson support content and session recordings using ELCircle
• Group learning of procedural techniques that can be implemented immediately
• Accountability and problem solving as the change techniques are used
• Coaching on issues as they arise within your actual change initiatives
• Investment of $175
• Bonus – Subscription to The New Leadership Normal weekly email


Session Descriptions and Schedule

Week #1 – Thursday, March 5 – 12:00-1:00 PM EST – The Skill Sets of a Change Leader

Change Leadership requires very specific skills. In this session we discuss theses skill sets and offer a maturity model you can use to create your own personal development plan. We’ll also cover how to create a better makeup for your change leadership team based on the skill sets.

Week #2 – Thursday, March 12 – 12:00-1:00 PM EST – Constituent Analysis

We prefer to refer to ‘stakeholders’ as ‘constituents’ because the word constituent implies we owe something to these important, related parties. The constituent analysis process consists of seven steps that go well beyond the simple generation of a high level stakeholder list. You’ll learn how to build YOUR constituent analysis to meet the goals of YOUR project.

Week #3 – Thursday, March 19 – 12:00-1:00 PM EST – The Change Planning/Monitoring Workshop

This session covers the “how to” of information gathering; as well as the project scope definition process. You’ll leave this session with the following expertise: How to analyze resistance; evaluate your team; and identify the organizational impacts crucial to your change initiative.

Week #4 – Thursday, March 26 – 12:00-1:00 PM EST – Building The Foundation for Change

Clearly defining the tie to strategy (the Foundation for Change) for your change initiative is crucial to success. In this session, you’ll learn to create this guiding document. The Foundation for Change will become the basis for all your change-related actions throughout the project lifecycle.

Week #5 – April 2 – 12:00-1:00 PM EST – Communication Messaging

Communication cannot be outsourced, even if you’re just assigning it to your in-house Communications staff. Going well beyond the communication plan, Communication Messaging allows you as a change leader to shape the conversation. This session provides the “how to” of facilitating this process.

Week #6 – April 9 – 12:00-1:00 PM EST – Change Breakthrough Analysis

This proprietary change leadership tool will become a natural part of your tool kit following this session. Change Breakthrough Analysis tests your communication, reinforces the change message, provides instant feedback that will help you lead the change, and — most importantly — helps your constituents reconcile and embrace the change.

Week #7 – April 16 – 12:00-1:00 PM EST – Change Readiness

Can each person affected by your change project perform their jobs effectively when your change is implemented? If not, put on the brakes NOW because your project will fail if they can’t perform their duties the day your change goes live. Learn how to create the Change Readiness structure that helps you ensure people are ready to go in this session.