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The New Leadership Normal

A formula for innovative and boundary-free leadership


Great leadership and great leaders are rare. Great leadership isn’t new by any means. However, great leadership and great leaders being the norm in organizations is what’s new.

If you are in a leadership position you really have three choices:

  1. Be a great leader
  2. Be a poor leader
  3. (and this isn’t the most obvious choice) To no longer be a leader in the traditional sense

The New Leadership Normal is the umbrella over our leadership work here at Transition Management Advisors. It all begins with a simple formula that has significant and far reaching implications. The 90/10 – 60/40 Formula.

Many companies grow by default. They have products people need and market share. Every day we see companies that seem far from competent, but they reach the typical success measurements. It seems that any company can grow. The challenge is how to sustain growth.

Think of the 90/10 – 60/40 formula and The New Leadership Normal as the invisible line regarding growth. When we burst through this line, sustainable growth is the reward.

In The New Leadership Normal we are changing the mindset of leaders which has a direct influence on the culture of the organization.


The 90/10-60/40 Formula


90/10 is the ratio that many are currently working. 90% of our being – our time, our thoughts, our actions – are focused on our department or area. Only 10% of our being is focused on the overall organization – the bigger picture. Many tell me this is generous, that they are really more like 99/1.

Where are you on this scale right now? Is 90/10 about right?

Our goal: To move this ratio from 90/10 to 60/40.

60% of your being focused on your area and a full 40% of your being focused on the overall organization.

This is a huge shift.

Here is a short video explanation of the formula:


The New Leadership Normal comes to life with the following touch points:



We typically start the process with a presentation to your leadership team in an all leaders meeting or retreat. See Speaking for details.


Executive Leadership Focus

Executive Leadership Focus serves the senior leadership team (CEO and direct reports) integrating The New Leadership Normal into the leadership thinking in a very practical way, allowing leaders an opportunity to delve deeply into current business issues using the 60/40 mindset. This process, which occurs over six full days through the year, also serves as a way to ensure that the proper culture is consistently supported across each leader’s domain. Part of Executive Leadership Focus is strategic and targeted coaching for individuals on the team as they implement action items.

Contact us to discuss how Executive Leadership Focus can help you cross the line to sustainable growth.


The New Leadership Normal Blog

The blog provides primarily one multimedia blog post each week intended to increase your leadership awareness, help you learn new techniques, and address your leadership questions.


Saturday Mornings

As a leader we tend to take care of everyone else first. It’s easy to ignore yourself and your development. Every Saturday morning, via a short email, we discuss you and your development and growth. This conversation provides subtle but powerful self-awareness points to support your leadership interactions in the coming week. This is where I share the thoughts that emerge in individual CEO coaching sessions and tailor them for you. Sign up.



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