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In the Innovation programs we create for companies a powerful component is the creation of four-person teams facilitated by an internal coach. The four members of the team each represent strength in one of the four catalysts of Personal Brilliance – Awareness, Curiosity, Focus, or Initiative.

What happens over the course of a year is we prove the contribution of each individual and their perspective is exponentially more powerful when combined with the diverse views and perspectives of their colleagues. And each person actually grows their skill in the other three catalysts as well.

This is an example showing that each person you lead possesses special gifts that may not directly relate to their job duties but may have a significant impact on the contribution they can make.

As leaders we need to notice these special gifts, ask questions to uncover these gifts, give specific purpose to these gifts and fully realize the results in practice.

Diversity is only valuable when it is recognized.

My uncle was a tool and die machine operator in a fabricating plant. He also liked to go to the horse racing track. He invented a handheld calculator that sorted through all the data in the Racing Form and helped you to bet as efficiently as possible. This was maybe 35 years ago before the handheld devices we use today. Uncle Nunzio may have been a wizard app developer today with a million downloads.

The point? Did the supervisor in the fabricating plant know about the special gift for math, calculations, and automation my uncle possessed or were the supervisor and other leaders in his plant satisfied with him simply running his machine? What value could have been created?

I know my uncle did his job very well. He cared. He was a craftsman. But he had so much more to give. His purpose, his fulfillment was so much bigger than his job. I’ll bet that’s true for almost everyone on your team.

Could we tap into that? Could we help individuals reach their highest level of fulfillment and enhance our team at the same time?

Can we recognize and make it OK for each of us to contribute in our own special way? The desired championship team is one in which each person contributes their special gifts in a way that supports the effort and goals of the organization.

If we can facilitate this as leaders, engagement will take care of itself.

The New Leadership Normal lies in liberating the special gifts of your championship team.

To do this week: Explore the special talents outside the job for each member of your team. How could you utilize those skills more fully?

Let me know how it’s goes. Click the “comments” box below to participate in an on-going discussion via LinkedIn.

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On July 17, 2018
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