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Custom is better. A suit. A piece of art. A buying experience. A home.

The challenge is how to create a custom experience in a scalable way.

There are many possible contexts for this discussion. I’d like to focus our discussion today on organizational change leadership.

Look for Unique

As we analyze our stakeholder community (we call them constituents) we’re looking for the combination of characteristics that make specific constituents unique in how they will interact with the change.

This takes a bit of creativity. Like looking at the picture of the watches with this post, at first they all look the same. The key is to find the uniqueness in each watch. Our awareness has to zero in on the details.

We start with the obvious and work through various combinations that make a difference. For example, in a recent change we considered a number of factors. Starting with department breakdowns we then determined that the following combination of characteristics identified unique constituent groups.

These factors included geography and language (important because there are over a dozen countries in the mix), the ERP system they currently use (there were many), the size of each department (job distribution), and experience with related systems (some were automated and some manual).

This analysis resulted in seven unique groups. For each group within the change initiative we know that the experience of each constituent will be a completely different journey. We must tailor our communication, interactions, training, and readiness tests differently for each group.

Next, we can identify uniqueness within each group down to the individual person and positively influence their unique journey.

That’s really the purpose of solid change leadership.

                                         If you’re smart about it you can scale custom.


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On June 2, 2015
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