Personal Brilliance – a definition

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When you’re faced with a situation in which you have to come up with and implement great ideas, and you can…that’s Personal Brilliance!

Awareness, Curiosity, Focus, and Initiative are the catalysts.

These catalysts are natural abilities we’re born with, but the “raise your hand, stand in line, don’t chew gum” rules we grow up with tarnish these natural abilities. Personal Brilliance is about polishing the tarnish off these natural abilities so we can reach our optimum level of success.

Some additional definitions:

  • Creativity is the process of generating something new. This is a skill. Everyone possesses an innate capacity for creativity. It involves intuition and the right side of the brain. Many times creativity is limited by our history and experiences. There are techniques for breaking through these limits like brainstorming, mind mapping, and story boarding. These creativity skills can and should be learned.
  • Innovation however, is the practical application of creativity. The potential for impact in a practical way is what’s important.
  • The Habit of Innovation – This is really a play on words. Innovation to a great extent is an event. But the process to get there can be turned into a habit, resulting in frequent innovations.
While creativity is the process of generating something new, innovation is the practical application of creativity into something that has an impact.
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On July 22, 2014
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