What are you doing Saturday morning?

Each Saturday morning, take 15 minutes to focus on you and your growth as a leader. In exchange for joining us each week (by email – example below) we share thoughts and ideas about leadership that have emerged during individual CEO and executive sessions. Your time is valuable and these could be the best 15 minutes of your week. And of course be assured your privacy is important to us.

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The New Leadership NormalThe New Leadership Normal is a leadership mindset with a number of specific leadership techniques and approaches. This weekly email is about the mindset and specifically your continued development as a leader.


BusYness – Back-to-back meetings, strategy development, planning, fire-fighting, personnel issues, your own life balance. You’re BUSY.

We all need a quiet moment to attend to ourselves. We need to fight the Mom & Dad Syndrome – you know, we take care of the kids first and ourselves last. It’s the same for leaders.

Saturday morning, for about 15 minutes, when the busYness subsides can be your time. It doesn’t have to be Saturday of course, it’s an email.

Each message contains items to focus on during your activities in the following week. And, I’m here for you. Just hit reply and I (a real person) will respond.

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An example of a Saturday Morning message:

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