Would You Follow You?

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Here is a ‘take a look in the mirror’ post. I think that’s good to do every once in awhile.

An interesting question – Would you follow you?

There are many aspects to this question. Even if the answer is yes, we still have some work to do. After all if we’re doing it right we’ve hired people that are different from us so we have to ask the second question – If I were like the people on the team would I follow me? We can talk more about that in a future article.

Somehow we complicate matters and lose our authentic self as leaders. We create a persona. Hopefully that persona is very close to our actual self. That’s key for all great leaders but it takes constant diligence. The question, would you follow you, helps you analyze this. Are you a caricature of yourself?

When we have trouble answering this question it’s often because as a leader we’ve gotten a bit too far away from the work. It’s difficult to create the trusting relationship needed for great leadership when the follower knows the leader can’t relate to their work. Are you asking people to do things you wouldn’t do? Understanding the details of the work is necessary to understand what you are asking of people.

Do your actions reinforce the consistent message of the strategy? Is all your work congruent with the strategy?

What are the characteristics that you appreciate in your leader?

  • Likability
  • Credibility
  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Passion
  • Humble
  • Courageous
  • Honest
  • Open
  • Consistent
  • Resilient
  • Action oriented

This isn’t a complete list. Please make your own. Then self-evaluate against your list. How are you doing? Do you intentionally or unintentionally send a message opposite of what you would like? Are people perceiving something different in any particular area? You’ll know what work you need to do.

Only when you exhibit leadership behaviors that people want to follow can you activate the power of potential within your organization.

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On December 10, 2015
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