You’ve Raised Your Hand

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You’ve chosen to be a leader. That’s how you got into this electronic room. You raised your hand. Or, maybe someone pushed you in this direction.

This is an easy thing to forget but leadership is in fact a choice.

If you are in a leadership position you really have three choices:

  1. Be a great leader,
  2. Be a poor leader, or
  3. Choose to no longer be a leader (this one isn’t as obvious).

There are options.

Each week in our leadership emails I ask you to hit reply. Each week someone asks me about the specific words I use. Language is always interesting because there are many flavors to words. Sometimes a specific word is used to evoke your interpretation of the meaning. Other times I’m going for a particular meaning.

When talking about leadership we’re after a subtle but powerful distinction.

I believe that you can be one who leads. There is a difference between merely being a leader and being one who leads. The phrase one who leads makes a difference in my thinking.

  • One who leads is a great leader.
  • One who leads inspires the absolute very best in others.
  • One who leads attracts the best talent.
  • One who leads cultivates a championship team.

Visualize your life as a leader in an organization that continues to grow, attracts the best people, and where common sense reigns. You have access to challenging opportunities and problems to solve. Your customers respect your organization.

Of course, you have normal everyday problems – people leave, tasks are delayed, some customers are difficult, some people don’t work out, the budget you want isn’t always there.

However, the atmosphere is one where you can make a difference. Where you can create value.

How does that feel? Would you like to have that feeling on a consistent basis?

You raised your hand to be a leader. My challenge for you is to ask the question: Will you choose to be one who leads?

To do this week: Evaluate situations through the week to determine if you are actively leading with purpose, being one who leads, even if you aren’t being loud and out front. Look closely for the difference.

Let me know how it’s goes. Click the “comments” box below to participate in an on-going discussion via LinkedIn.

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On April 18, 2018
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